LogMe is the service Esplanade One Co., Ltd. provides you to analyze your web site. 
LogMe uses the technology of "Log Analysis Tool Witness" to provide you Daily Activity Report for internet marketing.
Once you put our advertisement space (shown in red rectangle on your right hand side in this page)  to somewhere on your page,
LogMe automatically begins to collect log data from your page.
After easy setup is done, you will receive Daily Activity Report everyday by email as long as you provide us our advertisement space on your page.
This is an exchange program that you provide room for us and we provide you Daily Activity Report. The cost is
FREE (Basic plan).

This advertisement space(180x180pixels) will be required on your home page

How does it work?
After your send application form to us, we immediately send you the instruction describes how to setup LogMe service on your page.
Setup is very easy. You don't need any extra resources like disk space and plugin. You just need to insert HTML tags to your page.
Within a 24 hours after we receive your application, inspector will visit your page and confirms our advertisement space is reserved properly on your page.
After our inspection is done, LogMe will be automatically invoked every time your page is shown by somebody and will store log data to our database.
We now start to send Daily Activity Report to you!

What is Daily Activity Report?
Daily Activity Report is the report which is formatted HTML.
We sent you HTML format Daily Activity Report everyday by email. 
We are also able to send you Monthly Report(option), if you need monthly base statistical report.
Here is what you get from Daily Activity Report and Monthly Report. 

Contents Daily Activity Report 
(Basic Plan-FREE)
Monthly Report
 (Advanced plan - $3.00/month)
Access History Y  
Summary by host name Y  
Summary by IP address Y  
Summary by previous URL

Summary by previous host name

Summary by browser type Y  
Summary by date   Y
Summary by days of week   Y
Summary by hour Y Y

Daily Activity Report(Basic Plan - FREE)
Monthly Report (Advanced plan - $3.00/month)

How you can apply?

Decide the page needs to be be analyzed

Decide the page you would like to analyze.
You can apply one page per an application as Basic Plan(FREE)  of LogMe service. If you would ike to analyze multiple pages, each extra pages will be charged $3.00. 1st page is FREE.

Apply Please go to Application form
Setup Setup LogMe is the service we provide you to analyze your web site with no cost. 
Using LogMe service with Basic Plan requires you to put our advertisement space (180pixels x 180 pixels) to somewhere on your page.
We will send you the instruction describes how to reserve our advertisement space by an email 
Email will include following tags.
document.write("<iframe width=180 height=180 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no src=\"http://www.esplanadeone.com/LogMe/LogMe?ID=Your ID HERE&PAGE=1&TZ=JST-9&PREV=",document.referrer,"\" name=banner></iframe>");
Inspection Inspection Inspector or robot will visit your page within 24 hours after your application is  received.
When our inspector or robot visits your page for the  inspection, you will receive the notice, if no advertisement space found on your page.(It's onlt for Basic Plan)
If you apply no advertisement option of Advanced plan, you don't have to put advertisement space on you page.
Welcome to LogMe After inspection is done, Welcome mail will be sent.
Start Daily Activity Report  Daily Activity Report will be delivered everyday.

Why it's FREE?
Basic Plan of LogMe Service is an exchange program.
You provide us advertisement space on your page.
We provide you Daily Activity Report of your page.